Muhammad Meki

Post-doctoral research fellow in development economics

I am the Rokos Junior Research Fellow in Development Economics at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. I am also a research fellow at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. I recently finished my DPhil (PhD) in Economics at St. John’s College, University of Oxford. In my research I am interested in the effect of equity-like financial contracts, which involve profit and loss sharing and / or shared asset ownership, on the investment and growth of microenterprises in developing countries. Prior to academia, I worked for five years in the financial markets, for Bank of America in London and Deutsche Bank in Singapore, where I traded government bonds, fixed-income products and foreign exchange derivatives. I have also previously completed postgraduate degrees in Finance (MSc, London School of Economics), Economics (PGDip, Cambridge), and Economics for Development (MSc, Oxford).

Ongoing work

Levelling the Debt-Equity Playing Field: Evidence from a Belgian Policy Change

Microequity for Microenterprises: Evidence from Artefactual Field Experiments and a Survey

Higher Purchase: A Field Experiment in Asset-based Microfinance (with Faisal Bari, Kashif Malik, and Simon Quinn)

Microequity for Microdistributors: A Field Experiment in Kenya  (with Francesco Cordaro, Marcel Fafchamps, Colin Mayer, Simon Quinn, and Kate Roll) 

Microequity and Mentorship for Online Freelancers: A Field Experiment in Bangladesh (with Mehrab Bakhtiar, Simon Quinn, and Abu Shonchoy)