Research papers

Asset-based Microfinance for Microenterprises: Evidence from Pakistan (2024), American Economic Review (with Faisal Bari, Kashif Malik, and Simon Quinn) [Appendix] [Coverage: AEAVoxDevIPAFAIWorld BankCGD]

Microequity and Mutuality: Experimental Evidence on Credit with Performance-Contingent Repayment  (with Francesco Cordaro, Marcel Fafchamps, Colin Mayer, Simon Quinn, and Kate Roll) [Appendix] [Working papers: Latest, NBER, CEPR]

Levelling the Debt-Equity Playing Field: Evidence from a Belgian Policy Change (2023),  European Economic Review. [Appendix

Small Firm Investment under Uncertainty: The Role of Equity Finance [Vernon L. Smith Young Talent Award in Experimental Finance, Society for Experimental Finance] [Slides: NBER Summer Institute]

Review / policy publications

Dynamic literature reviewMicrofinance (with Jing Cai, Simon Quinn, Erica Field, Cynthia Kinnan, Jonathan Morduch, Jonathan de Quidt, and Farah Said) (2023) VoxDevLit [CEPR Launch Event]

Microfinance: An Overview (with Simon Quinn) (2024). Oxford Review of Economic Policy (summary article for our co-edited issue).

Microequity: Some thoughts for an emerging research agenda (with Simon Quinn) (2024). Oxford Review of Economic Policy.

COVID-19 and the Future of Microfinance: Evidence and Insights from Pakistan (with Kashif Malik, Jonathan Morduch, Timothy Ogden, Simon Quinn, and Farah Said) (2020), Oxford Review of Economic Policy. [Coverage: Economics ObservatoryMIT Technology ReviewDawnThe News InternationalWorld BankDevelopment Impact]

Ongoing projects

Enabling electric vehicle adoption with innovative financing and infrastructure (with Adam Szeidl and Chris Woodruff)

Grants, blended finance, and investment readiness programmes for SMEs in Iraq (with Razan Amine, Simon Quinn, and Julia Smith-Omomo)

Asset financing for female taxi drivers in Pakistan (with Kashif Malik, Simon Quinn, and Farah Said)

Microequity for female microentrepreneurs in India (with Sanghamitra Mukherjee and Simon Quinn)

Financing virtual migration: Online freelancing in Rural Bangladesh (with Mehrab Bakhtiar, Simon Quinn, and Abu Shonchoy) 

Profit-sharing contracts for livestock financing in Bangladesh (with Kate Ambler, Mehrab Bakhtiar, Alan de Brauw, and Simon Quinn)