Asset-based Microfinance for Microenterprises: Evidence from Pakistan (with Faisal Bari, Kashif Malik, and Simon Quinn) [Appendix] [Working paper: CEPR][Coverage: VoxDevIPAFAIWorld BankCGD]— December 2022 — Conditionally accepted, American Economic Review

Microequity and Mutuality: Experimental Evidence on Credit with Performance-Contingent Repayment  (with Francesco Cordaro, Marcel Fafchamps, Colin Mayer, Simon Quinn, and Kate Roll) [Appendix] [Working paper: NBER]

Levelling the Debt-Equity Playing Field: Evidence from a Belgian Policy Change (2023),  European Economic Review. [Final draft]  

Equity-based microfinance and risk preferences [Vernon L. Smith Young Talent Award in Experimental Finance, Society for Experimental Finance]

COVID-19 and the Future of Microfinance: Evidence and Insights from Pakistan (with Kashif Malik, Jonathan Morduch, Timothy Ogden, Simon Quinn, and Farah Said) (2020), Oxford Review of Economic Policy. [Final draft] [Coverage: Economics ObservatoryMIT Technology ReviewDawnThe News InternationalWorld BankDevelopment Impact]

Other publications

Dynamic literature reviewMicrofinance (with Jing Cai, Simon Quinn, Erica Field, Cynthia Kinnan, Jonathan Morduch, Jonathan de Quidt, and Farah Said) (2021) VoxDevLit [CEPR Launch Event]

Mutuality and The Potential of Microequity (with Kate Roll and Simon Quinn) Book chapter in ‘Putting Purpose into Practice: The Economics of Mutuality’ (edited by Colin Mayer and Bruno Roche) (2021) Oxford University Press.

Ongoing projects

Financing Virtual Migration: Online Freelancing and Income Sharing in Rural Bangladesh  (with Mehrab Bakhtiar, Simon Quinn, and Abu Shonchoy) [Coverage: Dhaka Tribune , PEDL research note]

Microequity for Female Microentrepreneurs in India (with Sanghamitra Mukherjee and Simon Quinn)

Profit-sharing Contracts for Livestock financing in Bangladesh (with Kate Ambler, Mehrab Bakhtiar, Alan de Brauw, Simon Quinn)

Investment readiness programme for SMEs in Iraq (with Razan Amine, Simon Quinn)